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A Solution We Offer – MEDSTORY® Strategic Trio

We’ve all experienced medical and scientific presentations and lectures that may provide a wealth of good, useful information but offered in such a way that was so dense and complicated that making sense of the information was difficult. Some medical communications programs inadvertently present multiple competing ideas, causing cognitive overload and confusion.

Storytelling is a method by which humans have passed on knowledge to one another for countless years, and our brains are attuned not only to learning that way but also to remembering the information for longer periods of time. When storytelling is applied to pharmaceutical science, even the most complex disease can be transformed into a concise, smooth-flowing scientific story. We articulate and visualize medical science in ways that make it much easier to understand and retain.

A good scientific story must have focus, flow and visualization.  Recognizing that it is difficult to focus on one single big idea and to weave together messages in an elegant way both contextually and visually, Science Branding Communications introduced MEDSTORY® Strategic Trio.

How can a MEDSTORY® Strategic Trio work for you?

The MEDSTORY® Strategic Trio ensures your materials have:


The initial objective of our methodology is to develop what we call the Core Story Concept —the single scientific concept that the target audience will learn, find compelling, and remember—essentially serving as the moral of the story.


A visual outline showing the dramatic flow of story tension points and resolutions. We start with a curiosity-generating beginning that captures the attention of the audience and then take them on a journey in which dramatic tension builds to a climactic peak and is then relieved by a clear and compelling solution that keeps audiences engaged throughout.


Clear, credible and beautiful visualization of the Core Story Concept. We create 3-5 custom-graphics that increase the comprehension and memorability of the Core Story Concepts and overall story.

Together the MEDSTORY® Strategic Trio provides the strategic sourcing framework that future slide presentations, videos and website content can be based on.

To find out if the innovative MEDSTORY® Strategic Trio approach from Science Branding Communications, is right for you, contact Bernie at


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