Highly complex disease state or drug science often prevents HCP audiences from connecting.

We transform complex disease/drug science into tension-driven simplified scientific stories that…


A simplified tension-driven story unifies shared human experiences, nurturing connections and empathy. It inspires audiences by evoking emotions and sparking imagination, fostering understanding and engagement, igniting inspiration, driving action and behavior change.


A simplified and credible scientific story creates a context of human connections to the science and can be highly persuasive. The shared emotions, experiences, and relatable characters within stories can shift perspectives, enabling audiences to see issues from a fresh, compelling viewpoint.


Tension-driven scientific storytelling is a powerful motivator, forging human connections that motivate behavioral change. This
emotional engagement drives audiences to actively respond,
and can lead to better medical decision-making.

A Multi-Tensional Scientific Story (MTSSTM)
will connect target audiences to your science.

A story with multiple Tension Points keeps audiences  engaged from beginning to end. By “tension” we mean a psychological state of anxiety, anticipation, and/or  excitement. Audiences  naturally engage with each tension point which is resolved by providing simplified, easy-to-understand scientific and  medical information that  supports the big idea – what we call the Core Story Concept.


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