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A powerful science STORY
creates strong human CONNECTIONS that...

Storytelling unifies shared human experiences, nurturing connections and empathy. It inspires audiences by evoking emotions and sparking imagination, fostering understanding and engagement and driving action.

Effective storytelling creates a context of human
connections to the science, even when it is complex, and can be highly persuasive. The shared emotions, experiences, and relatable characters within stories can shift perspectives, enabling audiences to see issues from a fresh, compelling viewpoint.

Storytelling is a powerful motivator, forging human connections that inspire action and behavioral change. This emotional engagement drives audiences to actively respond, and can lead to better medical decision-making that benefits patients.

Proof that story connects

#D Orange Brain Blue Head Image

“Evolution shaped our brain to learn
through story.”

Dr. Marco lacoboni

Professor of Biobehavioral Sciences
University of California, Los Angeles

Multiple research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of storytelling. Here are 3 examples:

Sources: 1. Dal Cin S, et al. Resistance and Persuasion. 2004;pp. 175-191; 2. Winterbottom A, et al. Soc Sci Med. 2008;67:2079-2088; 3. Hasson U and Frith CD. Phil Trans R Soc. 2016;371:20150366

Why story connects

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