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Our Approach to Scientific Storytelling

The Scientific Storytelling Phenomenon Known as “Neural Coupling”

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When a scientific story is presented by a speaker, functional MRI scans shown that the pattern of neurons firing in the brain of the listener is very similar to those of the speaker, what scientists call “neural coupling.” Neural coupling is a powerful mechanism that connects the brains of the storyteller and the audience, creating coherence and emotional engagement.

Why Storytelling Beats the Dull Lecture

Medical and scientific lectures are often boring and there’s a need for a more engaging approach. Storytelling is a powerful communication technology that can be utilized to convey complex scientific ideas. Tension and resolution can be used to create compelling stories. Scientific storytelling is the antidote to dull lectures, as it captivates audiences, promotes learning, and encourages information sharing.

The Power of Story in Medical Communications

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This article reviews the power of storytelling in
scientific communication, particularly in comparison
to traditional lectures. It highlights the impact of well-told
stories on engaging and influencing audiences.
There is a need for a compelling structure and flow in
scientific storytelling, including the creation of
tension points and a clear core story concept. The
neurobiological effects of storytelling and the benefits
of narrative-based learning are also discussed.

The Power of a Scientific Story

The scientific complexity of new compounds can make it challenging for practitioners to grasp. This can lead to confusion and cognitive overload. Scientific storytelling overcomes these challenges by engaging the human brain through memorable narratives and visuals. Science Branding Communications offers MEDSTORY, a comprehensive approach to scientific storytelling.

Podcast Episode #1: Dr. Peter Libby

The Art of Scientific Storytelling

20 Minute Podcast
Dr. Ed Perper interviews Dr. Peter Libby, a renowned
cardiovascular medicine expert. They discuss the
importance of storytelling in science and medical
education and the need to engage audiences through
storytelling by conveying complex information in an
accessible manner. They explore the role of storytelling in capturing attention, creating tension, and delivering messages effectively. Libby argues that storytelling is not only for children but resonates with people of all ages.

Podcast Episode #2: The Art of Scientific Storytelling


21 Minute Podcast

Discover the art of crafting compelling scientific stories in our podcast, where we explore challenges in communicating complex science to healthcare professionals and the general public. Learn how storytelling can bridge the gap and engage diverse audiences. Tune in for expert insights and practical tips!

Podcast Episode #3: Does Scientific Storytelling Really Work?


22 Minute Podcast

Many people believe using storytelling to communicate complex science works because a good story simplifies the topic and makes it more accessible. But is it just simplification that makes storytelling work so well or is there more to it?

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What Makes a Science Story Great

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Does Scientific Storytelling Really Work?

by Dr. Edward Perper

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The Art of Scientific Storytelling

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