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The Power of Scientific Storytelling in Medical Communications

We humans have been engaging with one another through storytelling for thousands of years.  It enhances our ability to communicate with each other, to understand and recall information and that makes us more likely to share information. In regards to medical communications, we created “MEDSTORY®” using the fundamental aspects of storytelling to articulate and visualize your most complex medical science and present it in a way that facilitates deep understanding to your target audience. Storytelling boosts science communication by imparting deeper message penetration, brand awareness, product anticipation, product differentiation and appropriate utilization. It preserves and enhances the excitement of the science, which is often lost in conventional lecture-based presentations with slides, videos, posters and white papers.

How Does It Work?

We do a deep dive into your complex science by first combing through the world’s literature.  We then talk to your internal stakeholders and external medical experts.  We synthesize this discovery and then create multiple ‘Core Story Concepts Candidates’ and vet them with you so that we identify the best single Core Story Concept to build the story upon. This ensures clear focus of your narrative. We then work on the story flow by developing what we call a Flow Map—a physical outline that shows the rising and falling tension points of the story.  This Flow Map ensures we create moment-by-moment engagement, presenting the information in a way that takes the audience on a fascinating journey of your science.  Finally, we develop customized graphics, illustrations and animation that brings the story to life visually.

Scientific Storytelling is an Innovative Approach

In summary, a MEDSTORY® consists of FOCUS by developing a crystal clear ‘Core Story Concept’.  Next comes the story FLOW by weaving together moment-by-moment engagement using story tension and resolution. We then bring in VISUALS that are beautiful, elegant and that contribute to deep understanding.  It’s a hand-crafted approach that leverages the classical art of storytelling in the modern age of medicine. Set your company apart from the competition with a sophisticated presentation designed to keep the audience riveted from start to finish. We’ll first create a compelling, curiosity-generating hook or “attack point” and then build your full story from there, using multiple dramatic tension points. It’s a sophisticated process that utilizes the brain’s most familiar way of understanding and retaining information. You can learn more about our MEDSTORY® and how it can work for you at

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