The Problem We Solve:
Lack of Understanding of Medical Science

Lack of understanding of medical science is a big, yet often hidden problem in the pharmaceutic and biotech industries. There are serious consequences of poor understanding of medical science.  This often leads to a failure to appreciate a product’s true potential, failure to differentiate from competitors and it ultimately jeopardizes regulatory approval and launch success. Scientific platforms attempt to improve understanding, but they tend to be too long, detailed, extremely complex and not very effective as communications tools.

How Storytelling Is Different

Storytelling has powerful effects on the brain. It ultimately increases comprehension, logical thinking, motivation, memory and learning.  As humans, we’ve been programmed to learn through story. And even the most complex disease and drug science information can be conveyed in a concise, smooth-flowing story. Our approach is to take conventional, lecture-based material and turn it into a fascinating journey so compelling that audiences are motivated to share it. Key facts and data are woven into beautifully-visualized stories that are not just educational but also entertaining. It’s a much more effective way for your audience to learn and remember important information. 

Why a Scientific Story is a Better Approach

Using the power of scientific storytelling in your medical communications can help you stand out from the competition and, for early-stage companies, can improve investor relations through increased understanding of valuable science. We can transform your complex disease and drug presentation into a powerful and exciting story that keeps your audience engaged, enhances their ability to absorb and understand your message, and greatly improves recall. Let us put our innovative MEDSTORY® methodology to work for you.

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What Makes a Science Story Great

by Dr. Edward Perper