MEDSTORY® is our unique storytelling strategy

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We transform your complex disease state and drug science into a MEDSTORY — a concise, smoothly flowing and beautifully visualized scientific story that will CONNECT with your target audience.

How a MEDSTORY® connects?

It leads to greater engagement & deeper understanding

It’s experienced more emotionally by audiences

It’s delivered more energetically by presenters

What makes a MEDSTORY® different?

  • Attack Point that jumpstarts the story by generating curiosity and interest
  • Core Story Concept is the clear, compelling, and memorable take-home big idea
  • Story Tension Points that keep audiences engaged and create the story experience
  • Simplification of complex scientific concepts without oversimplifying
  • Custom-designed scientific graphics including icons, illustrations and metaphors
  • Slide animations that enhance understanding and are fun to watch

Which MEDSTORY® do you need?


MEDSTORY medical presentation

  • A clear, concise and beautifully designed science story slide presentation that speakers
    will enjoy presenting and audiences will understand and remember
  • PowerPoint builds and animations incorporated only where required to get across
    complex information
  • Length varies based on audience and venue, but typically 25-30 slides delivered
    in 15-20 minutes
  • Fully referenced with speaker notes included

MEDSTORY investor presentation

  • Adapted story for the unique needs of this audience
  • Provided in two lengths — Concise and Full
  • Concise length typically consists of 10-15 slides designed to be delivered in 10 minutes
  • Full length typically consists of 25-30 slides designed to be delivered in 20 minutes
  • PowerPoint builds and animations incorporated only where required to
    get across complex information
  • Fully referenced with speaker notes included

MEDSTORY animation video

  • Bringing to life your story through a concise, illustrative and dramatic motion graphic
    animation that greatly enhances the understanding of your science
  • Duration usually 1-3 minutes
  • Full-service conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding and animation production
  • 2D infographic and 3D animation using Hollywood quality graphics technology
  • Professional voice over narration, sound effects and background music

MEDSTORY® LiveTALK speaker video

  • An impactful, entertaining and enduring live-action video recording of an expert
    presenting your scientific story from a staged multi-visual environment
  • Produced to appear as a TED-like story presentation
  • Carefully scripted as a story, approved in advance by MLR and videotaped using multiple
    camera angles and large screen backdrop for slides
  • Edited together with cut-aways to slides, illustrations and 3D animation video
  • High-impact way to showcase your experts delivering your story in a clear
    and concise presentation

MEDSTORY illustrated fact sheet

  • 2D infographic digital poster of your scientific story that provides a
    quick-read overview of your science
  • Typically one vertical scrolling page
  • Ideal for sharing with investors, pharma partners, and clinical investigators

MEDSTORY website

  • Transferring your story to the science section of your corporate website requires
    careful adaptation with elegant user interface in mind
  • Navigation includes options for viewer to go deeper into select topics via “learn more” buttons
  • Highly visual and animations incorporated only where required to get across complex information

MEDSTORY white paper

  • Your scientific story written and designed to appear like a journal review article
  • Far more impactful than reading speaker notes on a PowerPoint presentation
  • A convenient digital format to share internally and be sourced by
    investor relations, corporate communications and training

MEDSTORY development training

  • Internal half-day workshop moderated by Ed Perper and Bernie Coccia to educate
    teams on how and why the scientific story was created
  • Provides teams with greater appreciation of scientific story messaging and visuals,
    as well as flow and structure

MEDSTORY presentation training

  • Presenting a MEDSTORY with confidence and passion requires skill and training
  • We coach your key presenters to deliver your science story in the best way possible
  • Half-day workshop moderated by Ed Perper and Bernie Coccia

A comprehensive interactive PDF package housing 7 story elements including story slide decks, story animation videos, text narratives, story visuals and reference library. Ensures consistency and continuity of story messages and visuals for internal stakeholders to easily source.

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A highly dynamic, AI-assisted, quick-turnaround scientific story that captures attention, captivates from start to finish and converts skeptical minds to your Core Story Concept.

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