Our unique approach to creating and delivering a powerful and understandable scientific story

creating your medstory®

A package of 3 storytelling strategic assets critical for communicating your science

Core Story Concept

The single scientific big idea that needs to be identified that the story communicates

Story Flow Map

A visual outline showing the dramatic flow
of story tension points and resolutions

Core Science Graphics

Clear credible and beautiful visualization
of the Core Story Concept

delivering your medstory®


  • Ensures consistency and continuity of story messages and visuals for internal stakeholders to easily source
  • A comprehensive interactive PDF package housing 7 story elements including story slide deck, story animation videos, text narratives, story visuals and reference library


  • A clear, concise and beautifully designed science story slide presentation that speakers will enjoy presenting and audiences will understand and remember
  • 25-30 slides to be delivered in 15-20 minutes
  • Text and 2D infographics designed using visual motion effects
  • Fully referenced with speaker notes included

MEDSTORY 2D/3D Animation

  • Bringing to life your story through a concise, illustrative and dramatic motion graphic animation that greatly enhances the understanding of your science
  • Full-service conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding and animation production
  • 2D infographic and 3D animation using Hollywood quality graphics technology
  • Professional voice over narration, sound effects and background music


  • An impactful, entertaining and enduring live-action video recording of an expert presenting your scientific story from a staged multi-visual environment
  • Scripted as a story, approved in advance and videotaped using multiple camera angles
  • Edited together with cut-aways to slides, illustrations and 3D animation video
  • Produced to appear as a TED-like story presentation

MEDSTORY Investor Deck MakeOver

  • Transforms your typically dense investor deck into a more engaging and understandable corporate story
  • 10-15 slides designed to be presented in 10 minutes
  • Speaker notes included

MEDSTORY Scientific Platform MakeOver

  • We storify the scientific platform to make it more understandable, engaging and memorable
  • The typical scientific platform is a large comprehensive resource, but not very useful as a communications tool – we fix that

MEDSTORY Training Workshop

  • Presenting a MEDSTORY with confidence and passion requires skill and training
  • We coach your key presenters to deliver your science story in the best way possible
  • Half day workshop moderated by Ed Perper and Bernie Coccia