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What We Do

We have 2 types of storytelling offerings

CREATING your science story

Core Story Concept Development

  • The single take-home big idea that your story communicates
  • Based on a deep dive into literature and one-on-one Thought Leader interviews
  • We develop 3 to 5 Core Story Concept Candidates
  • We vet and craft the final Core Story Concept with you

Story Flow  Development

  • A detailed blueprint for the complete story flow
  • Always starts with a strong “Attack Point” that immediately captures audience attention
  • Smooth flow guaranteed by 8-15 “Story Tension Points” that naturally transition
  • Everything in story flow supports the Core Story Concept, the big idea

DELIVERING your science story

MEDSTORY SourceBook®

  • 7 science story assets in one custom-designed interactive PDF
    1. Core Story Concept
    2. Story Flow Map
    3. 3 MEDSTORY Decks (concise, intermediate, full)
    4. 3 Text Narratives (concise, intermediate, full)
    5. Story Visualizations
    6. Lexicon Glossary
    7. Reference Library
  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to Distribute
  • Consistent Execution
  • Excellent internal and external training tool


  • Slide deck that communicates full science story
  • Developed based on our 6-phase process
  • Text and/or 2D graphics on all slides with frequent use of motion effects
  • Fully referenced and speaker notes included
  • 35-40 slides designed to be presented in 15-20 minutes

MEDSTORY 3D Animation

  • Dramatic animated visualization of your science story
  • Hollywood quality 3D animation
  • Professional voiceover narration
  • Includes script, storyboard, and model development
  • 2 to 4 minute animation video
  • Ideal for display on web site and convention booth


  • Video of Thought Leader presenting your science story on a stage
  • Graphics and animations enhance the presentation
  • Multiple stationary cameras and 1 hand-held camera
  • Fully scripted and edited with cut-aways to graphics
  • Duration 12-18 minutes

Storification of Scientific Platform

  • Scientific platforms are large, comprehensive assets, not stories
  • We transform your scientific platform into a compelling, smoothly flowing scientific story
  • Fully referenced and speaker notes included
  • 35-40 slides designed to be presented in 15-20 minutes

Storification of Investor Deck

  • Many investor decks are dense presentations, not stories
  • We transform your investor deck into a compelling, smoothly flowing story
  • Speaker notes inclued
  • 10-15 slides designed to be presented in 10-12 minutes

MEDSTORY Training Workshop

  • Presenting a MEDSTORY with confidence and passion requires skill and training
  • We coach your key presenters to deliver your science story in the best way possible
  • Half day workshop moderated by Ed Perper and Bernie Coccia

The Power of a Story Flow Map

This is a unique and powerful tool that visualizes your story flow.


It’s a blueprint for creating a smooth story flow using an attack
point, multiple tension and resolution points that culminate in
the Core Story Concept.


We create a customized story flow map for every science story
to ensure that story tension is generated at the right times and
in the right sequence.


Here is an example of a complete story flow map. Click it to enlarge.