Why We´re Here

Science Branding Communications was founded in 2009 by CEO Dr. Edward Perper, with a simple premise: to articulate and visualize medical science so that is more easily understood. Target audiences often experience cognitive overload when exposed to pharmaceutical slide presentations, videos, posters and white papers. All too often the unfortunate outcome is the opportunity to leverage the excitement in the science is lost. We transform complex disease and drug science into concise, smooth flowing and beautifully visualized stories that audiences will appreciate and more importantly, want to understand.


We take conventional lecture-based communications containing numerous facts and dense data and turn it into a fascinating journey that is so compelling that audiences are motivated to share it.

what this means to you

When done right, a powerful scientific story can be an entertaining as well as an educational experience. It helps differentiate your company and/or your drug science from the competition, and for early-stage companies, can significantly increase valuation​.

Our mission, vision and values

This is what guides us